Show Me the Ladies

I want movies that show women in history.  I want to see Boudicca riding her horse, slaying Romans, and defending her homeland against the greatest military force of the time.  I want to see Lady Mary Wortley Montagu doing as she pleases, becoming a pioneer as a female historian of Eastern Culture, bringing the science of inoculation to Europe, fighting off gossip, and writing searing satires of any man that tries to stop her.  I want to see Fulvia dragging her husband’s body through the streets to incite a riot and gain control of the gangs of Rome.  I want to see Pulcheria quietly and ingeniously gaining control of the Eastern Roman Empire and choosing the men through whom she would rule.  I want to see movies about women I’ve never heard about.  I want to see movies about women doing things right now that I don’t know about.  I’m tired of only seeing strong women when they’re dumping a guy or climbing the social ladder.  I want to see notable women portrayed as they were and as they are.  I want to see women portrayed as people.